01 February 2011

Cow loon

Occasionally, while I'm at Split Screen, I'll get into conversation with a visitor. One who came by a couple days ago to see the new show was Eupalinos Ugajin, appearing as a large dragonfly. I don't think I'd ever heard of him (I think it's a him), but then, I get a bit disconnected. He gave me a link to his Flickr site with some interesting photos of his sim, he said he didn't build elsewhere, I got an LM and he went off to take photos. But something told me I should look at his work in person. And so yesterday I landed at "One Day My Cow Will Come." It's a wild, wonderful, lunatic build, I laughed pretty much the entire time, and everybody ought to make a pilgrimage there tout suite.

There's plenty to do and see here -- in fact I know I missed some bits, which is good because now I have an excuse to return -- but the pièce de résistance is surely the huge catapult. There's a menu from which you can select from a range of objects (by various makers, including Dekka Raymaker, Rose Borchovski, and Maya Paris) to drop in its bowl. When you launch it, a gigantic strawberry descends from the heavens, hits its paddle, and the projectiles go hurtling across space, into and through the huge net. I spent maybe half an hour loading and launching, pretty much giggling the whole time.

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

At the landing point

The big net

The big picture

I'm not sure why I'm running in a tub....

Our hero: Frank Zappa

Looking down into the "city"

Tyrannosaurus watches ELF

My conversation with Mrs Bones

Sleeping on the net

Also on the net

Cows rain on me in the "city"

The strawberry falls

Flinging eyes from the catapult

Flinging cows from the catapult

Mrs Bones made a machinima which will give you a flavor:

As you can see from my photos, the place has gotten a bit more, um, occupied since Mrs Bones made the video.

So stop reading this and go see "One Day My Cow Will Come."


  1. Eupalinos is a visual poet, and an educated man. I like very much his place in the sky of Aire Ville Spatiale, the sky above a gallery is a place for him :)

  2. "pretty much giggling the whole time" = could not ask for a better result :) I think you might like this Russian movie : http://spedr.com/2dznx