28 July 2013

Run away to the circus ... FAST!

Yooma Mayo's Mechanical Circus just opened a couple of days ago, and in a couple more days -- on 1 Aug -- it will disappear again, so go there NOW. Don't be too hard on Yooma for taking nearly all of his five months on a LEA sim to build Mechanical Circus: when you see it, you'll understand why. Yooma is a classic Second Life builder: where others are exploring mesh or using sculpties, Yooma works with prims, and proves how much can be done with them. His work is intricate and finely detailed for its scale. His texturing is so meticulous that seams are hard to find. This is handwork at its best. And there is plenty to see.

But you won't see it at first. The landing point is underneath most of the build. Stop a moment to pick up the circus performer avatar and wear it. Then cam out to see where you are ... way out. Mechanical Circus is enormous and photos don't do it justice. Still, here are a few -- click to enlarge.

You're still reading? Hurry up, go see the Mechanical Circus -- time is slipping away!