22 May 2016

Excellent review of Cherry Manga's "The Path"

Inara Pey has written an excellent review of Cherry Manga's The Path on her blog. It gives a rich interpretation which I hope visitors will find illuminating.  Thanks, Inara!

SLURL to The Path at Split Screen.

09 May 2016

Cherry Manga returns to Split Screen with "The Path"

In November 2014, when the sim Mysterious Wave closed, Cherry Manga stopped building in Second Life and focused her energies on FrancoGrid, one of the many alternative virtual worlds based on OpenSim (where the sims are cheaper and the prims are more). Happily, she accepted my invitation to return in order to build at Split Screen (where she had created Danse Macabre in late 2012). The Path, her first installation in Second Life in 1½ years, is now open.

The Path's goal is to give a small foretaste of Cherry's contribution to Fest'Avi 2016, a multi-artist event covering nine sims in FrancoGrid, opening on 7 September. Cherry writes of The Path that "The idea is to show visitors the spirit of the concept developed in FrancoGrid, with this moving line, representing the path of life, the inner travel that we all go through during our life."

When you when you arrive at the landing point at Split Screen, pick up the free "Line of Light" avatar and the sculpture (also called "The Path"), and then take the teleport to the installation. Take a seat to be slowly guided around the build. Look closely as there is a bit more than might first meet the eye.

Cherry Manga's The Path (click to enlarge)

I encourage people to join FrancoGrid so you can see Fest'Avi this September. I saw it last year (and wrote about it here), and I'm sure this year's will be equally fantastic (in both senses!). I think a quotation from Albert Einstein that appears in The Path also captures the intention of Fest'Avi: "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on." If you don't speak French, the button you need to click to sign up is labeled "Inscription." You can use Firestorm to go to FrancoGrid, just select it from the list of grids.

The Path will show at Split Screen through the end of July.

Promotional video for Fest'Avi 2016: