04 October 2012

Rose Borchovski, Simotron Aquila, and Misprint Thursday at Split Screen During October

During October, Split Screen has three installations, by Rose Borchovski, Simotron Aquila, and Misprint Thursday.

Rose's Echoes in the Garden is a contribution to her Susa Bubble story:

Her installation includes golden teardrops with poses and dances. A poem accompanies the installation:
I hear echoes in the garden.
Is anybody listening?
I hear lost echoes in the garden!
Is anybody listening?
And they whisper:
“The ones who are only living,
are the ones who are only dying.”
Simotron created Conditioned Actions, which she describes this way:
"Conditioned Actions" investigates the thin line that separates the order meant as a tool of organization and efficiency, from the order meant as tool of conditioning and social control. It is a run studded with barriers, prohibitions, directional indications, forced waits, that seems to have as its aim simply the exercise to the submission.

Finally, at ground level Misprint terraformed Ile de Coeur (Island of the Heart, or Heart Island):

As part of the installation she provides an attachment and HUD that lets you float and emit your choice of particles.

SLURL to the Split Screen entrance: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beleza/36/219/1501

Sorry, I don't have time to write more! But I've already gotten lots of positive responses to the three installations, so go see them!