15 August 2017

Blog posts and machinima on JadeYu Fhang and Krystali Rabeni at Split Screen

Some posts have been published discussing the installations by JadeYu Fhang and Krystali Rabeni at Split Screen (in alpha order):

Inara Pey

Kate Bergdorf



In addition, at least two machinima have been made of JadeYu's work. In Oema's, the camera slowly winds through much of JadeYu's installation, aiming to highlight its many sections and facets as a journey.

And Iono Allen brings his own artistic vision in his machinima:

My thanks to all!

11 August 2017

Split Screen @ LEA hosts JadeYu Fhang and Krystali Rabeni

Opening on 12 Aug are two installations hosted by Split Screen at its LEA sim. JadeYu Fhang's EveryWhere and NoWhere occupies the ground level. It is an extensive and complex work consisting several scenes and settings. The world JadeYu has created is peopled mainly by women with elongated bodies and insect wings, some with bull-like horns as well. One woman presents another with a small tree; others gather at what might be a seance; a trio launch themselves into the air. There is also a horse and (female) centaur. But at the landing point, the women have no wings, and we hear a plaintive song-cry surrounded by a sonar-like ping. The land itself has been terraformed into curlicues. This installation rewards exploration, as there are many small scenes throughout.

EveryWhere and NoWhere by JadeYu Fhang
(click to enlarge)

Krystali Rabeni's The Games We Play concentrates on a single image: chess. But it is a sort of three-dimensional chess, with some pieces on the wall. And several pawns have sprouted wings and are flying as if to attack -- one wonders if they are actually the most powerful pieces in this game.

The Games We Play by Krystali Rabeni
(click to enlarge)

As they don't provide explanatory notecards, both artists allow the visitor to interpret the installations as they wish.

The installations will be open at LEA15 until the end of September.

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA15/138/128/551