06 June 2011

Region Control of Windlight!; or, Linden Labs Straggles After Phoenix ... Again

New World Notes reports that Linden Labs is going to make it possible for regions and estates to establish Windlight sky, water and day settings that will kick in automatically for anyone using the standard viewer.  Well, about bloody time, there's been a JIRA request for this since June 2008!  And the Phoenix viewer already has a way to establish parcel Windlight settings, with some limitations (it only works for Phoenix, and with settings already on a user's computer), but also some snazzy options (you can have different settings by altitude).

Various artists use Windlight to establish the lighting and atmospheric environment for experiencing their installations, and finally making it possible for Windlight settings to come immediately into effect for everyone will, I hope, expand the range of artists interested in using it.  I applaud LL for at last providing one of the true infrastructure improvements that people have been asking for.  Now, if only they'd stop being such dicks about megaprims and nanoprims, extend LSL's function set, improve terraforming tools....