31 March 2012

Alizarin Goldflake and Blue Tsuki at Split Screen through April

During April, Split Screen hosts installations by Alizarin Goldflake and Blue Tsuki. Sometimes the works created at Split Screen are large sculptures.  Both of the builds this time are immersive environments, using local sound, windlight, and the full space. Alizarin's is narrative, Blue's more conceptual.

Alizarin's piece is Acquarella: After the Apocalypse. Acquarella is a fable that started its life in a conversation Ali had with White Lebed, which led to a machinima that Alizarin and others created. She later developed it into immersive builds in InWorldz (another virtual world, based on OpenSim, where an increasing number of SL artists have been working). The installation at Split Screen is a version of her work in Inworldz, which few in Second Life have seen. She presents the first two episodes, "Disaster!" and "Perfection." The entire fable is told in a notecard available at the installation.

Alizarin Goldflake, Acquarella: After the Apocalypse

Blue describes his build, Adagio, as a vision and a meditation. His notecard includes a poem:
Our dust pours from singing urns
floating into a common sea
windmills churn
pumping that essence
into a fiery ether
Urns are born from the flowers in the water and float into the sky. Windmills turn and occasionally send waves through the water or bubbles upward. Music like windchimes plays. Ribbons of light wind their way through the air.

Blue Tsuki, Adagio

Both builds have recommended sky settings.  For Alizarin's, please use midnight. For Blue's, set to 7:05 PM if possible; otherwise 6:00 PM (sunset) is fine. Phoenix and Firestorm should see these settings come into effect automatically. Turn sound up, because they have rich soundscapes as well.

There are already a few blog posts about the builds:
Quan Lavender on Acquarella and Adagio
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The installations are located in a new way.  Previously, each artist built on separate parcels. This time, Blue has the entire ground level, and Alizarin's fills a sky level. The landing point is a sky platform with teleports to each build. As it happens, this will be the pattern for the next couple of shows at Split Screen. It's experiment time!