Split Screen Installation Space: General Info

What is Split Screen?

The Split Screen Installation Space is part of a homestead sim, set aside for one or two artists/builders to develop a large installation. In general, two artists will use the space for two months (give or take), and then others will take over.

I am mostly interested in work that either is impossible in real life, in some manner deeply involves or challenges its audience, or is a lot of fun, etc. Artists are encouraged to utilize the possibilities of Second Life as an artistic or immersive medium, so works may be active, interactive, reactive, have sound or video components, require detailed exploration, etc. Split Screen is not a gallery that displays many independent pieces: it is a place for a large and (more or less) unified creation.

Some of the artists at Split Screen will be well known. But I am also interested in giving opportunities to artists who have had not yet created many or any larger works, and can use an opportunity to think big and experiment.

Creators may sell their works. I do not charge a commission.


You are welcome to ask me about working in the Split Screen space, and I'll be happy to hear about artists who might benefit the opportunity. Send me a notecard in-world or an email describing your work and ideas, along with a landmark or SLURL so I can see some of your work. Understand that I only host one or two artists at a time, and usually they each get two months, so I have to be selective.

Depending on circumstances and goals, a quarter or half of the sim will be available. Homesteads allow fewer prims, scripts and avatars than regular sims. A quarter sim has about 900 prims to work with. However, aside from that restriction, creators can use scripts, have music/media streams, build in the sky, terraform, set a landing point, etc.

If you'd like to get a better idea about what sorts of things interest me, please see the entries in my blog. That will give you a better sense than a list will -- particularly because I'm open to surprise!  For more details about building at Split Screen, please ask me for a notecard with information for artists.


You are welcome to film in the space, provided you credit the artist(s) and the Split Screen Installation Space itself. Please note: my permissions do not extend to the residential areas on the rest of the sim.


Dividni Shostakovich, Curator
dividni [at] gmail.com

Past Shows at Split Screen

December 2011

North: Artistide Despres, Let These Facts Be Known

South: Eupalinos Ugajin, D'ailleurs grĂ¢ce au Soleil

October 2011

North and south: soror Nishi, Boogaloo

August 2011

North: Selavy Oh, Random Walk

South: Kolor Fall, Inverted Paths

June 2011

North: Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield, D.Construct

South: Eliza Weirwight, FlowerDrum

April 2011

North: Oberon Onmura, Second Pool

South: Maya Paris, Mind the Gap

February 2011

North: Misprint Thursday, White Shirt

South: oona Eiren, Live!

December 2010

North: Miso Susanowa, CHROMA

South: Bryn Oh, Mayfly