22 November 2016

News about Alpha Auer's "from here on there be dragons"

I'm happy to say, Alpha Auer's from here on there be dragons has been selected as and Editor's Pick for the SL Destination Guide.

It has also received a very insightful reviews by Inara Pey and Ziki Questi.

Many thanks!

Alpha's from here on there be dragons will be at Split Screen until 31 January.

20 November 2016

Alpha Auer's "from here on there be dragons" at Split Screen

Alpha Auer's large installations often introduce drawings from the past, mythological elements (sometimes creating her own mythology), and science fiction imagery. Her installations may integrate one, two, or all three of these types of images. Her newest work, from here on there be dragons at Split Screen, is no exception.

The minimalist structure suggests a futuristic building built with basic geometrical forms, with numerous pyramids and a checkerboard floor whose black squares draw from the past by displaying negative images from a 16th century atlas by Abraham Ortelius. The building has two levels which mirror each other.

Throughout this building one finds various dragons and a few fish--the sorts of creatures that lurk in our cultural mythologies, living in a universe beyond our knowledge. Some, in the European style, are winged and reptilian beasts (sometimes associated with Satan). Most however are Chinese, which are more serpentine and (as typically portrayed) hold in their claws a pearl; they are often associated with wisdom and authority. In an unusual twist, the beings are all golden. Their reflections shimmer beneath them.

As Alpha writes of the dragons, "These dangerous wonders reside within our inner selves as much as they reside in external circumstances. Of these it is the inner territory that interests me more - hence the abstraction of the architecture that my, seemingly real, dragons guard. Because what is unknown in the inner self is abstract, but our fear of it is very concrete."

from here on there be dragons (Click to enlarge)

At the landing point, Alpha offers a free avatar, which you can wear as you visit the installation. She is in fact known for her fantastical avatars (see her alpha.tribe shop in-world and in the SL marketplace).

The installation uses a special windlight, which should activate automatically if you use Firestorm. If not, select "[TOR] BIG SUN - Variationz."

Alpha Auer's from here on there be dragons will be showing at Split Screen until 31 January 2017.

17 November 2016

Split Screen included in Kate Bergdorf's "Top SL Galleries" list

I'm very pleased that Kate Bergdorf included the Split Screen Installation Space in her personal list of 2016's top 15 galleries in Second Life. Her list, she writes, is based on her judgment of "the quality of the art shown in the gallery, the curator investment and dedication to the gallery itself and, finally, the uniqueness of the gallery build or space ... [among] galleries that exhibit artists on a rotating basis." Thanks, Kate!