24 August 2013

Steampunk dada: The Bogon Flux is back!

The Bogon Flux is one of the great classic "Impossible in Real Life" builds, created by Blotto Epsilon and Cutea Benelli. Alas, it vanished from the grid two or three years ago. It was eventually succeeded by the Petrovsky Flux, which is at the Spencer Art Museum. If you haven't been there, well, go!

But first, thanks to Eupalinos Ugajin, the Bogon Flux is back, hosted on a LEA sim until the end of September. To be honest, I like it more than the Petrovsky Flux, possibly because by the time the Petrovsky Flux was installed I was more accustomed to some of the wild things artists can create, but more likely because the Bogon Flux is a lot sillier. Most art (virtual or material) is serious, so sophisticated goofiness is much to be treasured. The only other sophisticatedly goofy artists I can think of are Maya Paris, who has a strong satirical streak, and of course Eupalinos, whose style (especially lately) tends toward surrealism. Artistically, I'd call the Bogon Flux "steampunk dada," or perhaps "dada steampunk," take your pick.

You can't merely drop in on the Bogon Flux, look around, and leave. You must spend time with it, or you'll miss everything. There is much to see and much to explore, and what you'll see and explore changes. Specifically, the installation slowly grows. And grows. And grows. And then flies apart, until there's nothing left but the small shed at the base, and the whole cycle starts again. It's important to cam out now and then to watch what it does. If you happen to be inside one of the pieces when it blows apart, off you'll go. There are also strange creatures around, including watchful eyes, rats, and what might be described as a hairy turd (although it's the wrong color). There's also a giant couch and a few other things on the periphery.

The houses on fire are the least of the dangers.  And there are certainly pleasures, such as hanging out on the patio.
Your starting point.

"I always feel like somebody's watching me..."


The creators give instructions on how to explore the build, or at least how to go up, through internal teleports. Sometimes the teleports lead to a dead end, so you may have to find some way out. But going back down the build in any sensible manner is a lost cause. Either fly out from one of the rare openings or wait to be blown up.

The Bogon Flux and its surroundings are a little different from its previous incarnation. Perhaps it's my imagination, but I think it grows more slowly than before. Also I miss the rat barbecue. Still, years later there's still nothing like it on the grid except the Petrovsky Flux, so see it while you can.