07 April 2013

Scottius Polke's "The Scribbled Cliffs" at Split Screen

Through April to 11 May, Split Screen is presenting The Scribbled Cliffs by Scottius Polke, Second Life's most famous tiny otter. An earlier version of The Scribbled Cliffs was actually built some time ago but it was never exhibited to the public, which was an otter disgrace. Also Scottius stopped building in SL for a while to focus on his physical world art (where he's known by the name Scott Rolfe), notably his assemblage illustrations for some of Aesop's fables called Æssemblage, which is available as a book. So it's great to have him back in SL with a revised version of The Scribbled Cliffs.

The Scribbled Cliffs by Scottius Polke

Walk up the road until you reach the volcano, which spews out colored tubs (script credited to Desdemona Enfield). Click once or twice on the blue tub sitting in front of the volcano, and it'll rez a tub which you can ride into the sky. You can grab the tub (if you hover your cursor over the tub, your cursor will become a hand) and fling it across the sky.

The windlight setting for The Scribbled Cliffs is "[TOR] SUNRISE - Tusken"; if you use Firestorm, it will set automatically.

There were several preview posts for this one, by Quan Lavender , Ziki Questi, and Kara Trapdoor.  Thanks, all of you!

Teleport to the entrance at Split Screen: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beleza/21/220/27