29 January 2011

Split Screen hosts Misprint Thursday and oona Eiren

Misprint Thursday and oona Eiren have created intriguing, wonderful new works at the Split Screen Installation Space, showing from 29 Jan through 28 Feb. Both of the installations use some form of streaming media and have interactive elements, so don't come simply to look: watch, listen and touch!

Misprint's White Shirt, in her own words, "is a site specific installation dealing with the personification of a white shirt." The piece integrates video into an outdoor environment -- in a sense, reversing the setting of her recent Paranormal Frottage. It also has clothes-hanging animations.  Be sure to turn on your media (video stream) when visiting this installation, to see the video play under the water and hear Misprint's song, which is a crucial part of White Shirt (lyrics included in her notecard). The photo below was taken in daylight to highlight some of the build's elements, but the work has its subtlest effect when viewed in midnight.

Misprint Thursday's "White Shirt"
NOTE: Sometimes Imprudence has difficulty getting video to play, so you may need to use another viewer. It usually takes 10-15 seconds for the video to start.

oona Eiren built what I'd call a "retro-futuristic-grunge" city/stereo, in an enormous partly open case that occupies almost the entire quarter-parcel. Called Live!, it too involves the use of media: in this case, turn on the music stream for an instrumental piece oona created with her experimental indie music group, The Gift Collective. Touch the loudspeakers to change the sounds they play, and make your own soundscape. The Bride of Frankenstein has a special appearance. Again, although the photo below is taken in daylight, the artist recommends setting to midnight.

oona Eiren's "Live!"
I'm especially pleased to host an (increasingly well recognized) "emerging" artist in the realm of immersive art, who I hadn't known about until she contacted me asking about Split Screen.

Misprint's build is at Split Screen North; oona's is at Split Screen South. Be sure to see both works!

Mark your calendar: we will have the opening party on Saturday, 5 Feb, at 2:00 SLT.  Both artists will be there and the DJ will be the excellent Isabelle Mavendorf.

By the way: if you like what Split Screen is doing, please vote at the Art Galleries of SL kiosk. There's one at the landing point of each installation.

And if you really like what Split Screen is doing, become a sustainer!  You too can be a patron of the arts!  (And kudos to Kara Trapdoor, a big-time sustainer, for scooping this announcement!)

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