14 February 2011

Veparella! or, Aren't Capers a Garnish?

The second loopy build this month! Maya Paris has a new one called Veparella. As she tells us, a "scissor-wielding superheroine created in a freak sewing accident invites you to join her in a Fairytale Caper."

When you arrive, pick up the costume and instructions from the basket of bones.

(Click photos to enlarge.)

The Veparella costume

Full view of the build

What happens when you say "snip"

Dancing on an apple

Making angels on the bed

Ummm ... I have no idea
Turn on the media stream for musical accompaniment reminiscent of old cartoon shows.  Really, the whole thing seems to be channeling Chuck Jones and Jay Ward.

There's probably a serious meaning to all this (maybe something about the philosophical significance of seamstressing, red high heels, and sew on and sew forth), but I'm not that smart so I'm going to take it as a fun treat.

To those of you who feel uncomfortable about wearing women's clothes, just a reminder: this is SL, you're looking at a bunch of pixels, so please -- get over it.  That goes for the males among you, too.

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