13 August 2012

Split Screen ranks in Levity Magazine's Top 10

Levity Magazine's writer Lady Victoria Lenoirre wrote a list of her Top 10 Galleries in Second Life, and she included Split Screen, in fact it came in 3rd after the University of Western Australia and PiRats. The article starts on page 46, I think this link will get you there directly. Regrettably someone at the magazine mixed up the photos -- the one on the Split Screen page looks like it's for UWA, and the Split Screen photo was used for Claudia Jewell's Spirit at Art Screamer. Oops. But it's great to be considered so highly!


  1. Congratulations on the recognition, Div! What wonderful news for such a great art space that you've worked so hard to maintain!

  2. Congratulations! Divi... you do a great job and have had some impressive exhibits. Keep up the good work.