02 August 2012

Giovanna Cerise, and Jo Ellsmere & Pyewacket Kazyanenko at Split Screen in August

During August, Split Screen presents Giovanna Cerise's Synesthesia (opening 1 Aug) and a performance piece by Jo Ellsmere & Pyewacket Kazyanenko titled Pardon Our Zeitgeist (opening 5 Aug).

Synesthesia is when one sort of sensation is perceived as another. Most often a sound is also experienced as a color (or vice versa). Composer Alexander Scriabin and painter Wassily Kandinsky both explored synesthesia, and Giovanna's work builds (literally) on their ideas. Quan Lavender has written an excellent blog post about Giovanna installation, which I can't improve upon, so go read it. Synesthesia uses a special windlight setting, which should turn on automatically if you use Firestorm or Phoenix.  Otherwise, switch to "Sheer Surreality."  Be sure to have sounds all the way up.

Synesthesia (click photos to enlarge)

Pardon Our Zeitgeist, by Jo Ellsmere and Pyewacket Kazyanenko, is a performance piece. They call it a "Second Life painting in 4 dimensions," about online communication and relationships. It's a bit hard to describe right now because it isn't ready yet -- it'll open on the 5th. Turn on media as well as local sounds.

Pardon Our Zeitgeist (click photo to enlarge)

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