14 November 2011

Will the real Salman Rushdie please stand up?

The New York Times reports that Salman Rushdie, who most people know by his pen name Salman Rushdie, had his Facebook page deactivated and reassigned to a certain Ahmed Rushdie, who happens to share Salman Rushdie's body and own his passport.

Within two hours, after a torrent of Tweets, Facebook reversed itself and allowed Salman Rushdie to be Salman Rushdie. It did not escape the present observer of irony that Twitter is quite comfortable with pseudonyms, so Facebook's "about Face" was particularly delicious.

Facebook could not be reached for comment, as its identity could not be verified under its cloud of corporate greed. All emails were forwarded to its nom de crime, "Mark Zuckerberg," who is not an actual human.

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