04 November 2011

Machinima set partly in soror Nishi's "Boogaloo"

Hypatia Pickens created a machinima called "Love Prayer" set partly in soror Nishi's "Boogaloo." Hypatia wrote to me that she "turned [it] into a 'Tam Linn' tale of a fairy girl who longed for a human man and tried to take him away." Enjoy!

"Boogaloo" itself has now closed.  Stay tuned for the next installations, opening in December!

"Love Prayer," by Hypatia Pickens

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I bought Soror's pitcher plant group and used it as the talisman that allowed the mortal woman to find her way to the Fairy's land where she held her lover hostage. The sim really did inspire this story, and I had a lovely time there. Please also see my machinima honoring its opening:


    Gratefully, Hypatia