25 March 2011

Playing Pool with Maya Paris and Oberon Onmura at Split Screen, now through 30 April

Opening today at the Split Screen Installation Space are two new works, "Mind the Gap" by Maya Paris, and "Second Pool" by Oberon Onmura. Most obviously, they both use large pools of water as part of the installation, but they also share other elements ... including a certain mischievousness!

Maya, of course, is renowned for the mischievousness and often outright loopiness of her builds. "Mind the Gap" in part recalls the joy of exuberantly blowing off dandelion heads, seeds scattering into the air, and punningly connects that to things one might do with royalty. Indeed, the centerpiece is the universe's largest dandelion seed. There is lots to interact with interact with here. Touch things, sit on things, get your crown.  As Maya's notecard will tell you, the build has three levels, be sure to explore both above ground and underwater. And do mind the gap....

"Second Pool" is dedicated to the late Sabrinaa Nightfire, but that doesn't make it a somber piece, nor bar it from a little cheek. The build is park-like: a large square pool with restful benches surrounding it. At the corners are light blue rotating cubes: click one to get a ride into the pool. Here is where most of the build resides -- a strange ocean world with mammoth rectilinear seaweed, bolts and pools of sudden light, eel-like creatures swimming about, and at the surface, flat white spheroids that from time to time decide to float off into the sky. I mentioned mischievousness? Watch out for those eel-like critters....

There are many interconnections between the two installations, ranging from similarities to interactions to actual pathways (more than one!). They reward thorough exploration, so give yourself time to play!

Misprint Thursday's "Digital Glove" (a multiple award winner) will continue to be on display at the sky platform, accessible via the TP on the Split Screen kiosk.

The opening party will be Sunday, 27 March, at 2:00 PM SLT. The DJ will again be the exceptional and eclectic Isabelle Mavendorf. You may need to be persistent: at the last party, we filled the sim! Yes, it's a homestead so the limit is only 20 avatars, but I can tell you, it was a great party.

If you like what Split Screen is doing, please join the group!

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