06 March 2011

"Digital Glove," Misprint Thursday's multi-award winner, at Split Screen

Misprint Thursday's "Digital Glove," I'm excited to say, will be exhibited on a sky platform at Split Screen while new immersive works are being created at ground level. This remarkable work exploits the capabilities of video in SL in unusual ways. Shortly after seeing it I asked Misprint if she'd be willing to install it at Split Screen this month. Then it won four awards at UWA's February contest.

"Digital Glove" will of course continue to be shown at UWA, and possibly elsewhere; but one benefit of being at Split Screen is that it won't be so easy to miss! At UWA, at first glance it appears as an absence -- some lines on the floor with a semicircle around them. You have to pay attention merely to approach, and then to notice the signs telling you to turn on video and walk into the semicircle. (Often people fail to see these things, sadly.) At Split Screen it should be much clearer that there's a work there, if for no other reason than people will go to Split Screen (hopefully) intending to see it.

I'm not sure whether I'll make interim exhibits a regular practice at Split Screen, so stay tuned.

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