16 November 2010

Schoeffer Tower at Gallery Diabolus

Over the past several weeks there has been a "cybernetic tour" and performance at Gallery Diabolus, part of CARP (Cybernetic Art Research Project), focused on a construction of the Tower of Light that Nicolas Schöffer had designed for Paris.  Schöffer is described as the "father of cybernetic art," and the Gallery is a tribute to his work.  On its nine levels are pieces by SL artists Dancoyote Antonelli, Velazquez Bonetto, Josina Burgess, Artistide Despres, Glyph Graves, Werner Kurosawa, Merlino Mayo, Bryn Oh, and shellina Winkler.  Most of the works are reactive or interactive.

The tour is an excellent way to introduce someone (like that newbie who just latched onto you) to NPIRL art, and it's worthwhile for those of us already acquainted with many of the artists' work.  The tour script-controls your camera and seat, so you see every level from various angles.  It concludes with a performance of "Alien Bolero" directed by Medora Chevalier, danced to Ravel's famous orchestral composition "Bolero" (a real treat!).  Unfortunately one can't dance it oneself, so come to a performance, it's well worth it. [Edit: there's a machinima by Debbie Trilling.]

A few photos:

The tours and performances at the Tower of Light will continue over the next several Sundays at 1:00 PM SLT.

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