06 November 2013

Attack Party!

Last night an impromptu party sprouted on the little parcel where I live.  Actually these people invaded my parcel and I joined when I logged on.

The foxy babe is Misprint Thursday, and the man with the fan and a tan is Woody Woodpecker (aka Arrow Inglewood).

Misprint vamps it up ... rawrrrr!

Meanwhile I boogied with the other invading spirit.

The hot-hot-hot chick I'm dancing with is none other than the lovely Maya Paris. OK, maybe the banana on her head was a giveaway. Still, soak it up, boys and girls -- this may be the only time in the next three years you see our slinky siren wearing anything other than her Veparella dress! Who knew that she had anything else in her closet ... or that she has a closet? (Actually I knew ... a few years ago a friend spied her checking out the threads at Pixeldolls.)

Martinis were guzzled all around. I told the party-goers that I was going to blog the event but everyone was too drunk to say anything except "Don't you dare, you SaveMe wanna-be!"

Naturally I banned everyone afterwards. I did say everyone ... now I can't get onto my own land.

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