16 December 2012

Yet another installation space gone

Apparently I'm way behind the times: I just learned that at the end of October, the Art Screamer sim closed. Its curators Zachh Cale, Chestnut Rau, and Amase Levasseur did a spectacular job, and between their own sim and LEA sims they obtained, they made six major installations possible and reached a huge audience in SL -- there were tens of thousands of visitors to Claudia222 Jewell's "Spirit" alone. The curators cite a lack of resources, which is not surprising when a sim has no commercial or residential activities on it: aside from the occasional tip, tier is all out of pocket, and full sims are far from cheap. Art Screamer's existence was a huge contribution to the Second Life art scene, and after the closure of so many other art spaces (see my posts herehere and here), the loss is especially large. I for one will miss it deeply, and I thank Chestnut, Amase and Zachh for all they did.

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  1. Oh my.. somehow I missed that Or didn't understand that was what was happening either. A real loss. Huge thanks to them for what they did accomplish during their time though. Keep up your good work Divi!