15 April 2012

That's the Story of My Life (Ow! Stop that--OW!!)

Quan Lavendar blogged about an installation that recently opened (with the usual utter lack of publicity) at LEA24: Pixels Sideways's That's the Story of My Life. Having now seen it, I strenuously object to this title, because clearly it's a representation of my life. So bleaugh! Well, OK, we'll share.

Go in and walk about. Well, try to ... you probably won't get farther than three steps before you get knocked to the side by an invisible something. Good luck getting to any destination. The only way I could take photos was to cam in, and when I released the camera I found that in the meantime I had traveled halfway across the installation. One time I was knocked almost out of the build entirely. One time I tried to TP right into the build -- and promptly died. In the middle is a "home" point that not so reassuringly tells you that "You might be safe here but there are no guarantees."

Many of the elements are in motion or abruptly start moving, including a few large marbles, torsos shot through by an arrow, noobs, and doors that disconcertingly say "Do Not Enter" and "Do Not Exit" on opposite sides. I think I saw a door flung mercilessly off the sim. Here and there, a gigantic arm crushes some unfortunate avatar in its fist. The large spheres looming ominously overhead fortunately stay put, but they look like they could change their minds at any moment.

Pixels writes:
Turning a crap day (week, month, year, life...) into craptacular art is how I would describe this work. The title of the installation and the soundtrack sum up the concept.... I was originally going to entitle the installation "Assault and Battery" and head in a more political direction, but RL events re-shaped the concept and it evolved into one of a more personal nature. Or it could just be a silly fun installation. I'll leave the interpretation up to you. :-)
Be sure to play media and have sounds up. And look for the chicken man.

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