11 August 2010

Bryn Oh's identity discovered!

I'm back from my travels. While I was in Europe I visited two or three scads of museums, seeing art by Beuys and Bacon and Beckmann and other Bs, and I came across some works that unveiled a closely held secret: Bryn Oh's true identity. I struggled for a couple of weeks deciding whether to release such sensitive information, because the ethical issues involved are complicated and tricky; but finally, I decided that the public's right to know trumps all other considerations. I am proud and excited to be the one to reveal that Bryn Oh is, in fact, Salvador Dali! Well, to be precise, Dali 2.0.

The first clear sign that Bryn Oh is actually Salvador Dali is the two artists' use of insect imagery. Dali was famous for his ants, often seen crawling out of a hand, covering a mouth, swarming on top of a watch, and so forth. Bryn Oh's insect obsession is with the ants' winged analogue, bees. (Of course, both of them have the occasional grasshopper and other bugs.) Dali, however, is scarcely foreign to bees -- indeed, one of his most famous works is "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening." This painting clearly foreshadowed Dali 1.0's successor 2.0, Bryn Oh.

Bryn has said that "The stories I tell on Immersiva are my own hopes, dreams and fears hidden behind the mask of robots." Dali could well have said the same (aside from the robots of course). His pictures too tell stories, and he described them as "hand-painted dream photographs." As a surrealist he was committed to exploring what was hidden behind the mask of his own face, his own person. Dali 2.0 does that and (as subsequent versions are supposed to do) she also does more. She reflects modern Western society through the archetypical symbols of its own dreams and aspirations -- TVs and shopping carts!

The introspection necessary for dream exploration can of course lead to a bit of narcissism. Dali painted a meditation on this fact in "The Metamorphosis of Narcissus." In it, self-reflection appears as a transformational echo of Narcissus's body by a hand holding an egg. In Bryn Oh's self-reflection, she transforms herself into a robot, in a pose almost identical to Narcissus's. More proof that the two artists are really the one and the same!

Dali's "The Metamorphosis of Narcissus"

The Bryn "Oh-bot" on Island One

One of Dali's signature images is the human body with drawers opening out of it. Bryn Oh employs the same motif in the form of robots whose faces or bodies open up at a touch. The two artists share a propensity for lonely, arid landscapes; and even more, they share a pensive tone bordering on morbidness. Also they both seem to like things on long, skinny legs or crutches, which I already noted in my discussion of her Island Three, "no colour." Dali himself wasn't particularly tall and Bryn Oh is a shrimp, so there may be some compensatory stuff going on, but she does have kinda skinny legs and he probably did too.

The last, indeed conclusive bit of evidence is Dali's famously upturned mustache. Bryn Oh, being female, doesn't have a mustache. Or not much of one, anyway. But she does have hair, or something reminiscent of hair, and once one knows what to look for, it becomes blindingly obvious that the horns of her headdress are the 2.0 upgrade of the 1.0 mustache. (Literally up in this case.) The similarity of their eyes is astounding.

One may surmise that Dali's tiger-striped cat has been supplanted by the Rabbicorn.  Or possibly it's the beta version of Dali 2.0.  Bryn Oh is a bit neko after all.

However, it remains to be seen whether Bryn Oh will make a movie with Disney, as Dali had done.  The fact that Walt has been dead since 1966 is completely irrelevant: art is eternal.  Personally, I expect an announcement any day now.


  1. Ah I see you stopped by Amsterdam on your travels.
    Even my eyes in the bottom picture are showing the whites like Dalis :) You almost have me convinced.

  2. Brightened my morning!
    Thanks you for the reflection... \~.~/

  3. I knew it ! I knew it !! :-))

  4. A convincing argument.

    However, the similarity of the white clothes in left pic and the curve of her hair/curve of the guitar in right pic here:

    nudges me to the conclusion she is in fact The Artist Formally Known As Brynce

    x Bobert

  5. I love Salvador Dali's perfume

  6. all art is plagiarism

  7. Now, now, no need to be snarky. After all, good plagiarism is an art. Anyway, Bryn Oh isn't a plagiarist, she's the 21st century upgrade. Version 2.0! :-D

  8. rhino on stillts was my favorite creature in earlier immersvia days, brought dali to mind right away in the first days i was born in sl and emmerged in oh's desolate lands, great funny/insightful post, glad bryn pointed it out

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