29 June 2010

Away for a bit....

Sigh ... I recently announced my blog to the Art & Artist Network group in SL, with my eye on two or three builds to blog about ASAP, and then RL immediately stepped in and stole all my time.  And time's up: tomorrow I leave for a month travelling around Europe (half vacation, half conferences, all expenses paid -- by me, dammit). The Bryn Oh interview was long done, I had to wait a while to post it so as not to scoop the magazine that commissioned it ... well, not scoop too much.

One build I wanted to write about was Glyph Graves's "Liquidity." At the time I saw it, it was supposed to be taken down 20 June or so, although it's still there now. I was able to join a tour of it that Graves gave, which helped enormously. I went a couple times to take photos but I hoped to go again to take better ones, and for the most part stills aren't very meaningful here, they need descriptions and explanations, and better yet, you should interact with the pieces and watch the transformations yourself. But here are a few photos anyway:

I also wanted to spend some time at SL7B to see what work people installed there, and try out Bryn Oh's self-constructing staircase (see the video).  I managed to find the parcel it's on -- isn't there a map of SL7B anywhere? -- but my computer couldn't hack it. I was getting under 2 fps! The parcel seems to be overly script heavy. As soon as I stepped out of the parcel I returned to my usual lousy 17 fps (give or take). There seems to be a version of the same staircase at her wholly-transformed Immersiva sim, but it (the stairway) wasn't dynamic when I visited there. She's up to some interesting in Immersiva, which I hope to write about some day.  (No, I am not a one-man Bryn Oh and Glyph Graves fan club, though it does look that way at the moment. What can I say, they're doing work that interests me, and they rolled out some new stuff.)

So hopefully I'll be able to get back to blogging when I return in early August. I find blogging very slow going, or more exactly I write very slowly. So I'll have to scale back my expectations and hope to get a post out every couple of weeks, probably not every week as I hoped.

Cheers, folks ... 


  1. It might be because that parcel has a video playing using the new feature. If you set preferences to not play media automatically then you wont be lagged by the video playing. Look forward to reading your blog when you return.

  2. Glyph's Liquidity at IBM Exhibit C (http://slurl.com/secondlife/IBM%20Exhibit%20C/14/124/23) will be up until late August now, and he'll be appearing on Tonight Live next weekend, July 18 at 6pm SLT, here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Northpoint/207/143/32